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Louisville, KY – Angela Leet declared her intentions to run in the 2018 Louisville mayoral race. In a 2-minute video sent to supporters, Leet pledges to bring her experience as an environmental engineer, businesswoman, mom, community leader and Metro Council member to lead on the major issues facing Louisville. 

“Elections are important in holding our government accountable, and the people of our community deserve a choice for mayor. 

“We have an important decision to make — we can either keep building bike lanes, or we can begin building a better city by solving the tough issues. The lack of leadership in our community has destroyed families from drug overdoses, violent crime and gangs. Our priorities must change so that all areas of our community are safer and more prosperous,” said Councilwoman Leet. 

“As your mayor, we will work together to put Louisville on the path to reach our full potential — a city where we feel safe, where each child receives a quality education, and we all have an opportunity for economic independence.”

Video Transcript:

I’ve been involved in our community for years now because I love Louisville, I believe in the people of our community, and I believe that with the right leadership and by working together, there aren’t any challenges we can’t overcome.

I’m an engineer, a wife and a proud mother who, between diaper changes and sports, built a company from the ground up.

I’m Angela Leet and I want to be your mayor because my story is your story and our story represents all that can be great about Louisville.

I was born and grew up in Louisville, and I was adopted and raised by a loving mother and father. As a United Auto Worker with a GED, my father taught me that hard work, determination and a good education were the keys to success. He was right.

I married Lee Leet, an Air Force veteran, and together we have built successful companies and have raised a family who values service.

Doing what is right for the common good is our story.

However, as I raised my family, and ran my business, and I lived the American dream, I see that not everyone in our community has a story with the same happy ending, even though they have worked hard, have given back, and have faced their challenges head on.

So, I ran for Metro Council because everyone’s story deserves a happy ending. 

As a councilwoman, I have pushed to improve city services, supported police officers and emergency responders, and made government more transparent. 

Those are the pro-business, pro-community values I’ll take to City Hall as Mayor.

We’ll tackle the drug epidemic that’s tearing families apart and bringing crime to our streets.

We will make sure schools work for everyone so our children can realize their potential and grow up to have their own success story. 

I will bring my problem-solving skills as an engineer, and proven success in business to create economic development in all areas of our city.

And while we are at it, we’ll clean up Louisville, eliminate graffiti, and restore the beauty of our city.

The story you have heard for the last several years has been one of fiction, telling us that bike lanes will lead to prosperity and growth when instead we’ve been led down a dead-end road to another homicide.

When I’m elected Mayor, we’ll work together to tackle the tough challenges facing Louisville and rewrite the story.

We will transform this city to reach its full potential, and that is the story our children will share.

I’m Angela Leet and I approve this message.


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