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Angela Leet Statement on Transparency

Councilwoman Angela Leet held a press conference outlining Greg Fischer’s pattern of secrecy and lack of transparency, and made her own pledge for a transparent mayoral administration.

“Fischer’s words on transparency and accountability don’t match his actions,” said Councilwoman Angela Leet. “We are seeing less and less transparency the longer he’s in office and enough is enough.

“I can pledge to you today that as mayor, I will not withhold information from the public, I will not violate transparency laws, I will not allow secret committees to meet under the cover of darkness, and I will not allow backroom deals and secret government spending.

“The public has a right to know what is happening in their government and with their money. So, what is Fischer hiding?”

Councilwoman Leet went on to outline some of the pieces in Fischer’s pattern of secrecy:

Explorer Program Child Rape Investigation

• Heavily redacted information from the invoices that didn’t need to be redacted
• Ballooned the spending without informing Louisville Metro Council or the public – tripling the bill to taxpayers
• During the course of the investigation, it was discovered that their was a failure to    disclose the previous working relationship between investigator Kerry Harvey and Deputy Mayor Ellen Hesen

Amazon Incentives

• Fischer refuses to say what his administration offered Amazon to locate here
• Taxpayers have a right to know how much of our money Fischer was willing to give Amazon in tax breaks and incentives. He’s playing Monopoly with our money and we deserve a seat at the table
• Other cities have released their incentive packages in order to be transparent – such as Atlanta – but Fischer won’t

Secret Committees on Development Projects

• Secret committees are determining development projects such as the indoor track and field stadium in West Louisville and the Urban Government Center
• Earlier this year, the Attorney General ruled that Fischer broke transparency laws because we don’t know who is on the committees and they are meeting in secret even though they are required by law to hold public meetings    
• In some cases, these secret groups decided on development that goes against what the residents want or what makes the most sense

$400,000 on Derby Guests since 2015

• Taxpayers are footing the bill for his guests and we don’t know if they are friends, family or his campaign donors  
• Where is the proof that we are getting anything for our money? Fischer needs to name the names of companies who have located here because of taxpayers spending $400,000 on Derby tickets, fancy hotels, and gifts.

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