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Louisville, KY – Earlier this year, mayoral candidate Councilwoman Angela Leet began posting the number of homicides and shootings in her City Hall office window. Today, she responded to Louisville surpassing 100 murders and being named the nation’s 11th deadliest city.

“Prior to the Fischer Administration, Louisville saw only pockets of crime. Since Fischer’s election, homicides have grown and spread throughout our city like a virus, and we are now one of the nation’s deadliest cities,” said Councilwoman Leet. “The most important job a mayor has is to put the right people and policies in place to keep our neighborhoods safe. Fischer’s inability to do so demonstrates his failed leadership – his legacy will be an abysmal record of historic homicide rates and skyrocketing drug overdoses.”

In Fischer’s first year as mayor in 2011, LMPD investigated 48 homicides which rose to 118 in 2016; LMPD is overseen by the mayor’s office, and only the Louisville mayor can appoint or dismiss its police chief. Countywide, Louisville has surpassed 100 homicides.

Louisville also currently loses a member of our community to drug addiction every day. CNN recently exposed the seriousness of drug addiction in our city where, in a 4-day ride along with emergency responders, they recorded 151 overdoses.

Leet says, “What is happening to our city is a historic tragedy that must stop. The number of victims, including family and friends left behind, grows day by day.

“If we do not break last year’s homicide record, I predict that the administration will claim victory. But, tolerating the loss of over 100 victims to violence cannot be accepted as Louisville’s new normal.”


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