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Councilwoman Leet Responds to JCPS Audit and Proposed State Takeover

Today, Louisville mayoral candidate Councilwoman Angela Leet released the following statement regarding the proposed state takeover of JCPS:

“Our community owes the students of JCPS an apology. We owe an apology to those students who have been abused in our classrooms, who have spent hours that add up to days on buses, and for graduating some students without ensuring they reach college or career readiness.

“Right now, we owe them an apology for politicizing the problems in our schools, making this a Frankfort versus Louisville issue instead of focusing on those who are the reason we have a school system – the students. Any discussion about JCPS should start and end with their education in mind. This is the surest way to help them succeed in achieving the freedom of independence.

“As those who are most aware of the problems facing JCPS, I urge the school board to immediately submit a detailed plan with new and different ways to address the issues. These problems have gone on for decades with too few impactful changes to keep up with the pace of change in every other aspect of our lives. If JCPS wants to keep local control, we must recognize that after decades of the same thing, it is time for bold action. If the JCPS school board has the solutions to what ails our school system, please show us – today not tomorrow, for our students needed it yesterday. 

“We can and must do better. When I am elected mayor, failing our students will not be an option. The question isn’t whether or not the state should take over JCPS. The question is what is best for students. Our students will remain my focus always. Their success or failure determines our future. I will not be satisfied with the status quo.”

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