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Gov. Bevin says he has the job he wants. But is he running again?

Gov. Matt Bevin speaking to reporters | Photo by Joe Sonka

By Jack Brammer | Lexington Herald-Leader

Gov. Matt Bevin said Wednesday that he had the job he wants, but he stopped short of declaring his intention to seek another four-year term as Kentucky’s chief official.

Bevin, appearing on the “Greg Dunker Show” on NewsTalk 94.3 WKYX in Paducah, was asked about speculation that he might be seeking a federal appointment in President Donald Trump’s administration.

“I can’t even fathom the scenario under which I would want to be in a job in Washington, D.C. I really can’t,” Bevin responded. “I mean … The job I have is the job I want.”

The Republican said he did not run for governor because it is an easy or pays well. “I did it because I want to see Kentucky become the greatest version of itself possible. This is the job that I pursued, this is the job I have, this is the job I want.”

Speculation about his career, Bevin said, is from “people who have nothing better to do than hypothesize and rumor-monger. I would encourage people to focus on the task at hand and don’t be worried about what I am doing with my life.”

Bevin’s communications office did not respond to an email seeking comment about Bevin’s political future.

Bevin has until Jan. 28 to decide whether to seek re-election. So far, only one person — Attorney General Andy Beshear, a Democrat — has officially announced a 2019 campaign for governor.

Also on the Paducah radio show, Bevin said his administration soon would be announcing a $100 million-plus business investment in the state. He provided no specifics.

He also dismissed criticism of his comments from this week when he compared opponents of the Republican-backed public pension law to “drowning victims” who fight people trying to rescue them.

He said the criticism was based on politics.

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