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How do I know if Beshear’s executive order restored my right to vote?

Our allies at the Camaign Legal Center put together a great tool to help people figure out if Steve Beshear’s Executive Orderapplies to them or not.

It asks a series of questions to determine if someone can register to vote, and if so, connects you with an online voter registration portal. For people excluded from the executive order but who have served their time, there’s still the option of requesting voting rights through an individual partial pardon from the Governor.

Exclusions in the executive order are:

  • Any capital offense;
  • Any Class A felony;
  • Any Class B felony involving death of the victim or serious physical injury to a victim;
  • Any Class B felony involving attempted murder if the victim of the offense is a clearly identifiable peace officer or firefighter acting in the line of duty, regardless of whether an injury results (KRS 506.010);
  • Any Felony Sexual Offense (KRS 510);
  • Any attempted felony sexual offense (KRS Chapter 510);
  • Assault 1st or 2nd (KRS 508.020)
  • Assault under extreme emotional disturbance (KRS 508.040(a));
  • Bribery in an election (KRS 521);
  • Burglary 1st accompanied by commission or attempted commission of an assault described in KRS 508.010, 508.020, 508.032, or 508.060;
  • Burglary 1st accompanied by commission or attempted commission of kidnapping (KRS 509.040);
  • Criminal abuse 1st (KRS 508.100);
  • Fetal Homicide 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th (KRS 507A)
  • Human Trafficking (KRS 529.100);
  • Manslaughter 1st or 2nd (KRS 507.030-.040);
  • Murder (KRS 507.020);
  • Promoting a sexual performance by a minor (KRS 531.320);
  • Unlawful transaction with a minor 1st (KRS 530.064(1)(a));
  • Use of a minor in a sexual performance (KRS 531.310);
  • Reckless Homicide (KRS 507.050);
  • Robbery 1st (KRS 515.020);
  • Strangulation 1st (KRS 508.170)
  • Treason

That’s a lot of exclusions, which can make conversations trying to register voters with felonies in their past a lot harder, but it’s important that we try to navagate it as best as we can.  At KFTC, we believe that every adult deserves the right to vote, which is why we’re fighting for HB 6, a proposed constitutional amendment that’s much simpler and much more permanent – to restor voting rights to everyone once they’ve served their time.

Watch for more resourcs and workshops in the oming weeks to help equip people to register voters who just got their right to vote back.

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