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How is Kentucky doing on social distancing? Here’s what a new database says

To combat the spread of the coronavirus, officials in Kentucky and around the world have stressed the importance of “social distancing.” But how good of a job is the Bluegrass State and each of its 120 counties doing in listening to health officials? A new “Social Distancing Scoreboard” from Unacast, a “human mobility data” firm, gives Kentucky a “B” for how well its residents are staying home and at least six feet away from one another. Magoffin County, in Eastern Kentucky, is currently tops in the state when it comes to social distancing, according to Unacast. Residents in Magoffin County have reduced their average distance traveled by 62%, the database found. Meanwhile, Lyon County in Western Kentucky is the worst in the state for social distancing, according to Unacast. Rather than a decrease in average mobility, Lyon County has seen a 31% increase.