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Increases Taxes on Tobacco Products and Authorizes the Expansion of Absentee Voting (HB 351) – Passage Passed – House

  • To enforce all laws and administrative regulations relating to disaster and emergency response, and to assume direct operational control of all disaster and emergency response forces and activities within the state; 

  • To require state agencies and to request local governments, local agencies, and special districts to respond to the emergency or disaster in the manner directed;

  • To seize, take, condemn property, excluding firearms and ammunition, for the protection of the public or at the request of the president, the United States Armed Forces, or the US Federal Emergency Management Agency, including:

    • All means of transportation and communication; 

    • All stocks of fuel of whatever nature; 

    • Food, clothing, equipment, materials, medicines, and supplies; and

    • Facilities, including buildings and plants; 

  • To sell, lend, give, or distribute any of the above property among the inhabitants of the state and to account to the state treasurer for any funds received for the property; 

  • To make compensation for the property seized, taken, or condemned; 

  • To exclude all nonessential, unauthorized, disruptive, or otherwise uncooperative personnel from the scene of the emergency, and to command those persons or groups assembled at the scene to disperse; 

  • To declare curfews and establish their limits; 

  • To prohibit or limit the sale or consumption of goods, excluding firearms and ammunition, for the duration of the emergency; 

  • To grant emergency authority to pharmacists for the duration of the emergency; 

  • To perform and exercise other functions, powers, and duties deemed necessary to promote and secure the safety and protection of the civilian population; and

  • To request any assistance from US agencies as necessary to meet the needs of citizens.

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