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Judge Sean Delahanty Launches New Site

sean delahanty

Sean Delahanty, Jefferson County District Court Division Six Judge has launched a new campaign site. The new site will expand on the information available to voters and utilize more social media networks to reach voters before election day.  The general election will be held Tuesday November 6, 2018. In addition to the Sixth Division several other judicial races will be on the ballot in Louisville, KY.

Sean Delahanty was first elected to the position in 1989 and served as the Chief Judge from 2008 to 2011.  Delahanty is being challenged in the general election by a current prosecutor from the Jefferson County Attorney’s office.

Delahanty and the County Attorney’s office have collided in the past.  The County Attorney’s office has regularly been criticized by editorials and challengers for strong arm tactics avoiding the courts or accepting large shares of political donations from within its office’s employees. Delahanty won the most votes in the primary earlier this spring and now faces the second place finisher.

Delahanty has the experience and it seems he’s willing to adapt to the times by embracing social media and digital marketing.

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