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New Election FAQs and Youtube Videos

New Election FAQs and Youtube Videos – Re-Elect <a title="Judge Sean Delahanty" href="">Judge Sean Delahanty</a>

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We’ve added to the site two important content sections which will continue to expand till the election.  Louisville voters are welcome to contact the campaign and ask for responses to topics from Sean Delahanty.

delahanty videos

New Videos Embedded From Youtube

The site has uploaded the first set of many videos. Sean Delahanty and others will be speaking about Sean’s candidacy and the importance of re-electing him to District Court Judge on November 6, 2018. These videos can be viewed at Sean Delahanty Videos or through the campaign’s Sean Delahanty Youtube channel.

Election FAQsNew Louisville Election FAQ Section

To provide voters information about the Louisville election we’ve added an FAQ section.  Several starter FAQs have been added and we will continue to expand the FAQ section over the months till election day.  Visitors are welcome to use a submission form on the page to ask their own questions which may be added to the FAQ page for others to view.  The FAQ section is focused on Louisville elections but provides information on more than just Sean Delahanty’s campaign.  Visit Louisville Election FAQs

Don’t forget the General Election is November 6, 2018.  Vote Sean Delahanty for District Court Judge in Division Six!

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