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New Kentucky licenses will allow residents to travel

These Kentucky licenses will change in January to comply with federal security requirements. On Monday, the state released details about how they will work, but the new designs weren’t made available.

By Mike Stunson | Lexington Herald-Leader

Kentucky’s new driver’s licenses and travel identification cards — available in January — will be among the most secure in the nation, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet said Monday.

The state is one of the last to comply with federal requirements for new security features.

The optional travel license offers all of the benefits of a standard driver’s credential with the added bonus of being accepted at airport security checkpoints and military bases. Starting in October 2020, Kentucky residents will no longer be able to get on a domestic flight with just their standard identification cards.

All Kentucky credentials will include a mark to indicate they are federally compliant, according to the Transportation Cabinet.

Residents will apply for credentials at their local circuit court clerk’s offices and will leave with temporary licenses. Applicants will receive the new credentials in the mail in five to 10 business days, the state said.

The credentials will be valid for four or eight years. The new eight-year standard driver’s license will be $43 and the new eight-year voluntary travel ID will be $48. The four-year licenses will be half the cost.

Because Kentucky received an extension from the Department of Homeland Security, current, unexpired licenses or the new standard driver’s license can be used to board U.S. flights until fall of 2020.

To process the new licenses, local court clerk’s offices will receive upgraded equipment.

One location will produce all of the Kentucky identification cards, a spokesman for the transportation cabinet said Monday. The new card features will increase the level of difficulty to duplicate a card.

The design of the new-look credentials will be announced next month.

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