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On the Boards: Nov. 2019

… Performing Arts: Kate Shapira Latts, Paula Harshaw, Lindy Street, Jeff Kosse, Doug Owen, Angela Leet, Bruce Merrick and Laura Melillo Barnum. Reposted from …

Angela Leet Ballotpedia Angela Leet Mayor Poll

Angela Leet Republican was a candidate for Mayor of Louisville in Kentucky Leet lost the general election on November 6, 2018, after advancing from … Reposted from …

Leet Campaign Releases Radio Ads

The Angela Leet for Mayor campaign released 3 radio ads today featuring River City FOP President Nicolai Jilek, retired Major Jimmy Harper, and former Jefferson County Judge Executive Rebecca Jackson. The ads will run on various stations throughout Louisville.ScriptsNicolai...

Leet Campaign Releases New TV Ad

For Immediate ReleaseNov 1, 2018CONTACT: [email protected], (502) 640-5The Angela Leet for Mayor campaign released a third TV ad today. The ad calls out the current mayor for misleading the public on crime statistics by claiming crime is down when...

Angela Leet Announces 67 Endorsements

Mayoral candidate Councilwoman Angela Leet announced 66 endorsements from Home-Rule City elected officials in Louisville. The list includes endorsements from 22 mayors, and elected officials representing 47 of Louisville's suburban cities.You can view the full list...

Leet Campaign Releases Web Ad

The Angela Leet for Mayor campaign released a new web ad titled I'm Voting for Angela Leet. The ad features Former Jefferson County Judge Executive Rebecca Jackson, West Louisville Resident Wanda Mcintyre, Banker and Blogger Paul Heintzman, and...

Angela Leet Releases Second TV Ad

The Angela Leet for Mayor campaign released their second ad which will start running on broadcast and cable today. The ad discusses skyrocketing crime, drug overdoses, corruption, and cover-ups since the current mayor's election.Full Text of Fire Fischer:VO: Remember feeling...

Angela Leet Releases First TV Ad

Mayoral candidate Councilwoman Angela Leet released her first TV ad in the Louisville mayor's race. The ad features Leet's father, husband, and friend and highlights Leet's background and experience.The ad, titled Angela Leet: People Over Politics, is the first to be released...

Louisville Metro Mayor


Duties: The mayor is authorized to supervise, administer, and control all departments and agencies as may be created by KRS 67C.101 to 67C.137 or created by ordinance.The mayor shall appoint all department and agency directors. The appointees shall serve at the pleasure of the mayor. Specifically, the mayor shall:

(a) Prepare and submit an annual report coinciding with the fiscal year, on the state of the consolidated local government, to be presented at a public meeting of the council;

(b) Submit an annual budget;

(c) Oversee the administration and implementation of the adopted budget ordinance;

(d) Enforce the ordinances of the consolidated local government;

(e) Supervise all officers, agents, employees, cabinets, departments, offices,agencies, functions, and duties of the consolidated local government;(f) Call special meetings of the consolidated local government council;

(g) Appoint and remove his or her own staff at his or her own pleasure;

(h) Execute written contracts or obligations of the consolidated local government;and

(i) Approve or veto ordinances and resolutions adopted by the consolidated local government council.

Term: Staggered 4-year term

Qualifications: Must be at least 21 years of age, a resident of the city for not less than 1 year prior to his or her

Butt out of state House race, top Kentucky Republican tells Matt Bevin

, Louisville Courier JournalPublished 7:03 a.m. ET Sept. 14, 2018 | Updated 2:53 p.m. ET Sept. 14, 2018

River City FOP Endorses Angela Leet for Louisville Mayor

Last night, the River City FOP voted to endorse Councilwoman Angela Leet for Louisville mayor. The River City FOP represents hundreds of police officers and is Louisville's largest FOP lodge. This is the fifth FOP endorsement...

Fischer Administration Lied Under Oath

Mayoral candidate Councilwoman Angela Leet held a press conference to highlight inconsistencies within the sworn testimonies of Mayor Fischer, Deputy Mayor Hesen, and Police Chief Conrad. Leet also called for an independent review of all Public...

Angela Leet Statement on Crime Numbers

Today, mayoral candidate Councilwoman Angela Leet responded to the Fischer Administration’s dishonest claim that “crime is down.”

“This claim is absolutely disingenuous. During Fischer’s first year in office, there were 49 homicides in the county. Last year, there were 108 homicides in the county. This year, we are currently on track to double the number of homicides in Fischer’s first year. So seeing a tiny downtick in a few week’s time is not a victory when all Fischer has managed to do is set a new normal of more than a 100 homicides a year,” said Councilwoman Angela Leet.

“During the Fischer Administration, homicides have doubled, shootings have doubled, and drug overdose deaths have tripled. That is Fischer’s legacy.

“For the 10 years prior to Fischer taking office, U of L Hospital admitted an average of 166 gunshot victims per year. During the Fischer Administration, U of L Hospital has seen an average of over 200 shooting victims, and that average is over 300 for the last 2 years. 1700 people have been admitted to University of Louisville Hospital for gunshot wounds since Fischer took office. That does not even include victims who were not admitted.

“Further, there is good

Angela Leet Statement on Transparency

Councilwoman Angela Leet held a press conference outlining Greg Fischer’s pattern of secrecy and lack of transparency, and made her own pledge for a transparent mayoral administration.

“Fischer’s words on transparency and accountability don’t match his actions,” said Councilwoman Angela Leet. “We are seeing less and less transparency the longer he’s in office and enough is enough.

“I can pledge to you today that as mayor, I will not withhold information from the public, I will not violate transparency laws, I will not allow secret committees to meet under the cover of darkness, and I will not allow backroom deals and secret government spending.

“The public has a right to know what is happening in their government and with their money. So, what is Fischer hiding?”

Councilwoman Leet went on to outline some of the pieces in Fischer’s pattern of secrecy:

Explorer Program Child Rape Investigation

• Heavily redacted information from the invoices that didn’t need to be redacted
• Ballooned the spending without informing Louisville Metro Council or the public – tripling the bill to taxpayers
• During the course of the investigation, it was discovered that their was a failure to    disclose the previous working relationship between investigator

Angela Leet Calls on Fischer to Return Dirty Donations

Louisville, KY – Today, Councilwoman Angela Leet called on Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer to return donations from Tim Longmeyer and James Sullivan. Sullivan was convicted yesterday on federal bribery charges, a case in which Longmeyer has already been convicted and is serving time in federal prison. According to the KY Registry of Election Finance, both Longmeyer and Sullivan are donors to Greg Fischer.

”Fischer has accepted money from people who have bribed elected officials, accepted illegal campaign contributions, and used their positions to get kickbacks, all at the taxpayer’s expense. Unless he condones this type of behavior, Fischer should immediately return the dirty money from Tim Longmeyer and James Sullivan that helped him get elected,” said Councilwoman Angela Leet. “Each day that he sits on the sidelines, he is endorsing this type of illegal, unethical behavior.”

Longmeyer admitted to accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars from a consulting firm in exchange for awarding state contracts to the firm. The Kentucky Executive Branch Ethics Commission found him guilty of 45 violations of state government’s code of ethics. He was sentenced to nearly 6 years in prison in the federal bribery case. Sullivan, a Democrat lobbyist, will be sentenced on Sept 6

ICYMI: Fischer’s Terrible Week

When leadership fails at setting priorities, things clog up and it all flows downhill…or onto the police chief’s desk as it did earlier this week when sewage backed up at the crumbling LMPD headquarters, flooding Chief Conrad’s office (Courier Journal, 6/11/18, Phillip Bailey).

Metro Council has called on Fischer to prioritize replacing the unsafe police headquarters (Courier Journal). However, Fischer said it wasn’t important enough and, “when it rises to the top, we’ll fund that” (Courier Journal). The raw sewage that ensued was only part of Fischer’s terrible week:

Four homicides in 4 days
Four people lost their lives to violence between June 5 and June 8 while Fischer was busy claiming “crime is down.”

  • Homicide investigation underway in south Louisville (WDRB, 6/5/18)
  • Louisville police investigating overnight homicide in Park Hill (Courier Journal, Thomas Novelly, 6/6/18)
  • Louisville police investigate fatal shooting in Iroquois (Courier Journal, 6/7/18)
  • Police are investigating the fatal shooting in Pleasure Ridge Park (Courier Journal, Darcy Costello, 6/8/18)
  • Fischer refuses to show transparency on $109K in Derby spending
    Fischer hemorrhaged taxpayer dollars on Derby tickets, gifts, and Omni hotel rooms but refuses to

    Leet Becomes Louisville’s First Female Nominee for Mayor

    After Tuesday’s decisive victory, Councilwoman Angela Leet is the first female nominee for Louisville mayor in Louisville’s history.

    “I plan to bring a unique perspective to the mayor’s office as a wife and mother,” said Councilwoman Angela Leet. “As an engineer, I’ve spent my working life in a field made up predominantly of men. It sometimes meant I had to work harder to prove myself, but made success that much more meaningful. I plan to work just as hard to earn the votes of my community.”

    Angela Leet is a Louisville native, wife of an Air Force veteran, mother of 2 teenage boys, and current Metro Councilwoman. She has served on numerous Louisville non-profit boards including Habitat for Humanity, Fund for the Arts, Spalding University, and the WaterStep Advisory Committee. In 1991, she earned her Bachelor of Science from the J.B. Speed School of Engineering at the University of Louisville and then went on to earn Master of Civil Engineering and Master of Business Administration degrees. Leet trained as an industrial firefighter at Texas A&M and was previously certified as an Emergency Medical Technician in Texas.

    Councilwoman Leet Responds to JCPS Audit and Proposed State Takeover

    Today, Louisville mayoral candidate Councilwoman Angela Leet released the following statement regarding the proposed state takeover of JCPS:

    “Our community owes the students of JCPS an apology. We owe an apology to those students who have been abused in our classrooms, who have spent hours that add up to days on buses, and for graduating some students without ensuring they reach college or career readiness.

    “Right now, we owe them an apology for politicizing the problems in our schools, making this a Frankfort versus Louisville issue instead of focusing on those who are the reason we have a school system – the students. Any discussion about JCPS should start and end with their education in mind. This is the surest way to help them succeed in achieving the freedom of independence.

    “As those who are most aware of the problems facing JCPS, I urge the school board to immediately submit a detailed plan with new and different ways to address the issues. These problems have gone on for decades with too few impactful changes to keep up with the pace of change in every other aspect of our lives. If JCPS wants to keep local control, we must recognize that