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Street cave-in reported in Phoenix Hill neighborhood

Sewer cave-in at the intersection of Baxter and East Liberty Street. | Photo by WLKY

Part of the street collapsed Thursday around 4:15 p.m. at the intersection of Baxter Avenue and Liberty Street, according to MSD officials.

MSD said inspectors were immediately dispatched and discovered a hole in the pavement that was 5-feet by 8-feet and appeared to be growing. Initial inspections showed that the void under the pavement is approximately 15-feet by 30-feet, and 10- to 12-feet deep.

MSD officials say aging infrastructure is to blame. “It’s 140 to 150 years old, two ring brick sewer. Remarkable they last that long, but once a storm gets a hold of them, they wiggle a brick or two loose they can collapse,” said Brian Bingham with MSD.

No injuries have been reported.

There is currently no estimate on the repair timeline, but MSD said there was no interruption to sewer service in the area.

This site is close to a cave-in that happened in June that was a result of a break in a 30-inch brick sewer line, installed in 1871, MSD said.

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