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Posts tagged as “Best of 2018”

Best Of 2018: Our Year In Health Reporting

For reporters tasked with covering health news in 2018, it was a busy year. From the fight over Kentucky’s Medicaid changes to the opioid crisis, there was plenty of news on the health beat.

Below, WFPL Health Reporter Lisa Gillespie …

Best Of 2018: Our Year Reporting On The City

I spent 2018 diving into a changing Louisville, following major stories such as the November election, and exploring my personal interest in technology and transportation. From Metro Government to scooters, and sexual harassment to data, here are some of my …

Best Of 2018: Curious Louisville

This year, Louisvillians had a lot of questions about our city, questions ranging from what’s going on with JCPS to how you become a Kentucky Colonel.

And Curious Louisville was here to answer them all!

Here are some of the

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