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May 19 2020 KY Primary Election

This is the primary election where each party will select it’s nominee for the US Presidency and other offices. These are closed, in that the voters participating can only vote within the party that they have registered with.

To be technical, you’ll select a candidate’s name but are actually voting for his representatives to go to the National Party Convention where they will select the candidate.…

Unlicensed subcontractor that installed sprinkler system kicked off Whiskey Row hotel project

Moxy, shown here, and Hotel Distil are slated to open on Whiskey Row in November. | Photo by Kevin Gibson

The Metro Department of Codes and Regulations issued a written warning on May 31 to a contractor working on the construction of a new twin hotel project on Whiskey Row downtown, declaring that it was violating state and city law by subcontracting an unlicensed company to install the hotels’ fire sprinkler system.

A spokeswoman from Louisville Forward also confirmed that the unlicensed subcontractor improperly installed the hotels’ sprinkler system, which was now being replaced by new contractors.

The 14-story twin hotels being constructed on First and Main streets are that of Hotel Distil and Moxy, a project of Indiana-based hospitality company White Lodging that is scheduled to open in November.

The Codes and Regulations administrative warning was sent to SimplexGrinnell — a fire sprinkler company that is a subsidiary of international giant Johnson Controls — which was the designated contractor permitted by the city to install the hotels’ sprinkler system, having received the proper licensing from the city and state.

However, the warning letter went on to state that the subcontractor hired by SimplexGrinnell to install the sprinkler system …

Coalition for the Homeless names 6 HUD grant winners

Six local organizations have been named beneficiaries of a $3.45 million U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development grant to the Coalition for the Homeless to help end youth and young adult homelessness in Louisville, according...

Sun Valley pool reopens despite budget deficit

Louisville’s budget concerns haven’t kept all of the city pools closed this summer. The Sun Valley pool at the Sun Valley Community Center officially reopened on Monday, as Louisville Metro Councilwoman Cindi Fowler (D-14) allocated $40,000...

Metro Council approves budget for next fiscal year

Louisville Metro Council on Tuesday passed the operating and capital budget for the 2019-2020 fiscal year, finalizing an uncommonly difficult process that kicked off five months ago when Mayor Greg Fischer warned of a pending $35...

Streets for People: Metro should turn its golf courses into walkable neighborhoods

Cherokee Golf Course

Golfers on the cart path at Cherokee Golf Course, one of the six public golf courses currently being considered for closing.

As Insider Louisville’s Joe Sonka reported last week, Mayor Greg Fischer’s 2020 budget calls for the closing of up to four of the city’s 10 public golf courses. Reports indicate that only three of the courses are operating at a profit, with the courses showing an overall operating loss of $700,000.

With the golf courses on the chopping block, the question has become what to do with them?

The most straightforward approach, potentially, would be to find a private company to run them. Councilman Brandon Coan has floated another idea for the course in his district: donating Cherokee Golf Course to the Olmsted Parks Conservancy.

Scott Martin, the former director of The Parklands at Floyds Fork and current director of River Heritage Conservancy, mused on Facebook that the Cherokee Golf Course would have been a great site for the Botanical Gardens project.

I would like to propose a quite different option: the city should repurpose some of these courses as mixed-use, mixed-income, walkable neighborhoods.

As has been observed in Metro Council hearings on the matter, …

Group sues to keep Castleman statue in Cherokee Triangle

A recently created group is filing a lawsuit on Monday to block the removal of the John B. Castleman statue from Cherokee Triangle, which was approved by a 4-3 vote of the Historic Landmarks and Preservation...

City collaborates with Microsoft on technology hub

Louisville Metro and Microsoft officials gathered at Story Louisville on Friday to announce a three-year digital alliance to make the city a technology hub. According to a memorandum of understanding, the two “share a vision for...