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Here Are Some Non-Coronavirus Stories You May Have Missed

If you’re looking for some things to listen to or read today that aren’t pandemic-related, we’ve collected some nice listens, long reads and hard-hitting investigations from our newsroom in recent months.

You can listen to the stories in the players embedded below.

Curious Louisville: What’s That Door In A Hill On Lexington Road?

Let Ashlie Stevens take you through that door near Headliners Music Hall and tell you what she sees on the other side.

(Side note: the Curious Louisville podcast is home to dozens of delightful stories like this. FInd it on your favorite app: Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | NPR | Spotify | Stitcher | RadioPublic)

A Rare Look Into The Condemned Third Floor Of Louisville’s Academy @ Shawnee

The third floor of the Academy @ Shawnee in Louisville’s West End has sat empty since 1981. At the time, the district said there weren’t enough students there to justify the cost of renovating it, and it was closed. Nearly 40 years later, the district has decided to fix it and reopen it to students once more. Jess Clark of WFPL News got a rare look inside, before the work began.

In Ohio Watershed, Higher Water Lines

Innovating Recovery: Group Highlights New Approaches To Addiction Crisis

After years of leading the nation in overdose death rates, Ohio Valley communities are looking for new ways to deal with the addiction crisis. A national nonprofit organization promotes and partners with programs that do just that.

The Addiction Policy Forum celebrated new ideas at events in Kentucky, Ohio and West Virginia to honor programs selected in their Innovations to Address Addiction reports.

The 37 programs selected look beyond traditional methods of addressing addiction, which often rely on a person’s “force of will,” or expect a short period of treatment to end addiction.

“This is a disease that begins in adolescence and continues on into adulthood. To think it could be magically cured in four weeks is a mess,” Executive Vice President For Community Engagement Kimberly Clapp said.

Kimberly Clapp presents an Innovation Now Award to Amy Haskins from the Jackson County Anti-Drug Coalition in West Virginia

The Addiction Policy Forum is a national nonprofit organization focused on eliminating addiction as a major health problem.

The innovative programs also align with the Forum’s goals of helping patients, improving treatment and educating the public about addiction.

“Using the science that we know about the brain disease of addiction,” Clapp said. …

Reflections On An Interfaith Thanksgiving

Sitting in the cavernous Crescent Hill Baptist Church, listening to faith leaders pray, it occurred to me that I could have used something like this when I was 10. 

The Interfaith Thanksgiving service and dinner on Monday night started with a short sermon from Reverend Jason Crosby, giving readings and recitations that were familiar to me. 

I didn’t grow up in Louisville, but outside Charlotte, North Carolina in the 1990s. North Carolina was and is very much part of the Bible Belt, and back then — maybe even now — the question wasn’t, ‘where’d you go to high school?’ but, ‘where do you go to church?’

Because I’d moved down south with my parents at age 8, without them having taught me much about Jesus or the Bible, Christianity was totally foreign. I was teased for not going to church; I felt like an outsider.

But there’s a specific effort in Louisville, called the Interfaith Paths to Peace, that aims to make us all feel like insiders, no matter our religion, and to bring faiths together. On Monday, a half-full church heard from Temple Shalom Rabbi Beth Jacowitz Chottiner, Johnny Alse from the Hindu Temple of Kentucky, and many other …

Analysts Say Humana Is Strong. Why Are 800 People Losing Their Jobs?

Louisville-based insurer Humana will lay off around 800 employees nationwide by the end of the year. The company employs about 12,000 people in Louisville, according to Humana Spokeswoman Kate Marx. She didn’t disclose how many Louisville employees will lose their jobs, but said that some of the cuts will affect local workers. 

Stock analysts covering Humana say the change could be because of growing competition for new insurance enrollees, and a federal tax coming in 2020. But they also caution that the layoffs don’t likely signal a problem with the overall security of the company. Spokeswoman Marx spoke about the layoffs as positioning the company for long-term success.

“These measures are in alignment with broader efforts started earlier this year to evaluate the work and cost structure of the organization,” Marx said in a statement.

Next year, Humana and other insurers will start paying a federal tax, a possible reason for the layoffs. The tax equals about 2.4 percent of revenue from premiums, the amount charged to consumers and other entities for coverage. That tax was created as a condition of passage for the Affordable Care Act. Several taxes on different health care industry businesses were created as part …

U of L Finalizes KentuckyOne Health Purchase, Announces Name Changes

The University of Louisville finalized its purchase of KentuckyOne Health Inc. properties and announced name changes for those facilities on Tuesday.

The KentuckyOne properties will be rebranded under the U of L name, U of L President Neeli Bendapudi announced in a press release on Tuesday. 

Jewish Hospital downtown will be called UofL Health – Jewish Campus and be run under the U of L hospital’s management team. Meanwhile, several Catholic-affiliated providers will remove Catholic symbols and names, including Sts. Mary and Elizabeth Hospital and Our Lady of Peace. Those facilities will now be called UofL Health Mary and Elizabeth Hospital, and Peace Hospital.

Louisville Archbishop Most Rev. Joseph E. Kurtz said in a statement that U of L Health will continue the healing that was started by the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth who founded Sts. Mary & Elizabeth and Our Lady of Peace Hospitals.

“I appreciate the University of Louisville’s stated intention to respect the history of the Sisters’ health care ministry, and I am pleased that the University will seek to maintain health care for underserved areas of the city, serve the poor and vulnerable and preserve employment for many loyal employees,” Kurtz said.

Physician practices, currently …

‘Forever Chemicals’ Found In Louisville Drinking Water

It’s in food packaging, non-stick pans, paint, cleaning products and firefighting foams.

It’s likely in your blood. It’s probably in my blood. And if it wasn’t there before, it could be there now. That is, if you’re drinking Louisville tap water.

The Environmental Working Group, an organization that tracks environmental pollutants in consumer products, found 10 PFAS compounds in a sample of Louisville drinking water taken from a home in July, according to data from the group.

Louisville Water Company said the levels identified in the report are similar to what the company’s researchers are seeing in their own samples.

“One sample, like we saw in the study that was released, it really doesn’t drive the standards that we operate under,” said Kelley Dearing-Smith, spokeswoman. “However what the levels in this report show as it relates to the PFAS family of compounds is very similar to what Louisville Water is seeing in our own research.”

PFAS compounds form a class of nearly 5,000 widely used chemicals that linger virtually forever in the environment and are associated with a wide range of health risks. Those include developmental and reproductive harm, liver, kidney and thyroid disease, and cancer. New evidence suggests

Louisville Clinic Offers Ketamine For Depression, But Experts Want More Research

At the grand opening of a new health clinic in St. Matthews, autumn leaf-shaped cookies sit on a platter. Each has the molecular structure of ketamine painted on with icing.

Virginia Hart, with the St. Matthews Chamber of Commerce, talks about why this business is so important.

“My family suffers from depression, migraines, PTSD,” Hart says, “so what you do here is really important to my family.”

What they do here at Serenity Health is give people ketamine. 

Once known as the party drug, “Special K,” ketamine is now being used to treat depression and a host of other conditions at private clinics across the country.

About a third of people seeking treatment for depression don’t respond to antidepressants. Ketamine can be effective for these people, specifically.

But there’s also scant long-term research on how safe it will be in the long-term — and depression can often be chronic. 

Kit Afable is the co-founder of Serenity Health, and administers ketamine treatments there. He said patients come in six times over the course of two or three weeks for their initial treatment.

Serenity Health Co-Founder Kit Afable speaks
to a small crowd at the ground opening
of the ketamine clinic.

Kentucky Officials Urge People To Quit Vaping As Number Of Disease Cases Rise

Kentucky’s Department for Public Health announced Tuesday that it is now investigating 25 cases of a lung disease associated with vaping. One case has been confirmed. The state also recommended against using vaping products while a nationwide outbreak continues.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention last week said there are now more than 1,080 cases of these lung illnesses across 48 states. The federal agency says almost a quarter of sickened patients are between the ages 25 and 34. Another 39 percent are between ages 18 and 24. 

Department for Public Health Commissioner Angela Dearinger said in a press release that the state is working with the Food and Drug Administration, local health departments and the CDC.

“As the investigation into the cause of severe lung injury associated with vaping continues, we recommend you refrain from using e-cigarettes, or any vaping product,” Dearinger said.

Though the CDC hasn’t said if there’s a common product those sickened have used, the health agency said many have used counterfeit THC vapes. Others have reported using legally-purchased vapes that contain nicotine.

Patients with the lung illness experience symptoms like cough, shortness of breath, fever, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting and chest pain.

The move from …

Sean Delahanty Video: Impartial And Caring

 Sean Delahanty Is Fair And Impartial An attorney in Louisville, KY  who’s defended others in Judge Sean Delahanty‘s courtroom tells voters why he should be re-elected.  She notes that Judge Delahanty is respectful and regardless of sex, woman or man or race and religion you...

Kentucky Center Progress After Fire


The Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts
We have wonderful news to share!

We’re delighted to confirm that The Kentucky Center building will reopen to the public this Saturday, September 1.

Building access will be limited to the Box Office area during the day. As the front and rear entrances to The Kentucky Center will be locked, watch this video to see alternate ways to access the Box Office.

Full access to the building will be available for performances.

This is a major milestone in our progress, and we look forward to reopening Whitney Hall with Louisville Ballet’s world premiere production of Romeo + Juliet September 7-8.

While our theatres have been restored to pristine condition, the interior of the Center will remain an active construction site for several months.

Thank you for your support of The Kentucky Center as we rebuild.…

2020 Marks 100 Yrs Of Women Voters

Women’s Suffrage 19th Amendment turns 100 The following lyric is a revision of the song “My Old Kentucky Home”.  The lyric was composed by Madeline McDowell Breckinridge in celebration of Kentucky women gaining the right to vote...

Sean Delahanty New Logos And Apparel

Judge Sean Delahanty New Logos   Better Schools Kentucky (BSK) which represents JCTA the Jefferson County Public Schools (JCPS) collective bargaining organization that represents Louisville’s public school teachers and educators.   CFair the political organization of the...

Video: Your Neighbors On Judge Delahanty

Video Endorsements From Louisville Voters, Like You Some of the most impactful endorsements are the ones we hear about from our family and friends. After 20 years on the bench in District Court in Division 6...

Video: Your Neighbors On Judge Sean Delahanty

Video Endorsements From Louisville Voters, Like You Some of the most impactful endorsements are the ones we hear about from our family and friends. After 20 years on the bench in District Court in Division 6...

Campaign, Candidate And Political SEO: Optimize Or Be Trumped

I say be “Trumped” because for all that he did wrong in tarditional campaigning, he did Political SEO better than anyone had before.

I’ve always been a political guy.  I love using technology to those political ends.  Earlier this year I was able to leverage my experience in SEO, Adwords, cloud computing, data analysis and web design for a political candidate. It’s why these unique products are bundled into what I offer through Upwork.  Today there is no excuse for a candidate to neglect digital media needs.  Local candidates can easily benefit from a solid online presence for much less than they might think.  The past experience with Brent Ackerson’s campaign was very encouraging.

I’ve started to reposition satellite sites made in March for a new project I’ll mention below. for instance is intended to be a voter education site for anyone who wants to post I just so happen to post all of the stuff there.  I have some further plans for but those are all in my head.

All of these sites are hosted by my Google and Amazon cloud accounts, so that stuff has come in handy.  I hope to attract additional …

Request A Yard Sign

Showing your support is important, each yard sign demonstrates a personal endorsement of Judge Sean Delahanty for District Court Judge. Complete the form below to request a yard sign. [ninja_form id=2] ...

100 Days Until The Election

While it may seem that we’re just getting into summer, November 6 is 100 days away. With school starting and the holidays approaching don’t forget to prepare for the election by reviewing the candidates.  While there are no national offices on the ballot this November there... Redo

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Video: Brent Ackerson and Mike O’Connell debate in County Attorney Race

Watch this debate and make an informed decision May 22, 2018.


The Louisville Forum hosted a debate between Brent Ackerson and Mike O’Connell. The debate for Jefferson County Attorney touches on several key issues such as drug policy, jail over-crowding, the sexual abuse lawsuit brought by minors in the Explorer program and restorative justice. Each candidate provides their vision for the office of County Attorney in Louisville as well as other topics.

*for extra sourced points throughout the video turn on subtitles. Sources of the statements made in the subtitles are available among other articles at and are listed below.

A transcript is posted below as well. This was machine generated and may contain technical errors.