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How to Support or Fight Zoning Changes in Your Community


Have you received notices about proposed zoning changes that you are not happy about and not been sure what to do about them? Or is there a zoning change you want to support? I have been in two zoning meetings recently that affected District 21, and want to share how you can fight development that is not good for the community and how to advocate for changes that will help.



Zoning is foundational to community development because it dictates land usage. Although there are lots of zoning codes in Metro, some of the most common classifications include Residential (R), Office Residential (OR), Commercial (C) and Industrial (M).  

Understanding the process is the first step in effective advocacy for your neighborhood!  Community members have the ability and are encouraged to be involved in every step of the way. 

Step 1:  The developer submits a rezoning proposal and a development plan for a property. 

Step 2: Metro Planning & Design will conduct a pre-application review. During the pre-application review Planning & Design assesses the proposal’s fit with Cornerstone 2020 Plan along with other more technical aspects such as transportation, sewer, etc.

Step 3:  A neighborhood meeting is held near …

I am a proud member of a union family

Growing up my Dad worked in manufacturing for a non-union employer. He often held two jobs in order to ensure our basic needs were met, but the financial stress combined with workplace dissatisfaction had a direct...