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Meet The Coal Town Betting Big On Outdoor Recreation 

Standing on the breezy outlook at Flag Rock Recreation Area, Norton City Manager Fred Ramey is taking in the panoramic view of downtown Norton, Virginia. The brick building-lined streets are framed by the verdant, rolling Appalachian mountains. Jagged, brown scars from mountaintop mining operations can be seen in the distance, reminders of the region’s history of coal production.

“It’s a great overlook of the city, and people really are surprised when they get up here at the view,” he says. “It’s truly beautiful, and it’s unique. It’s something that we have that not everyone else has.”

This view — and Norton’s abundance of nature and outdoor recreation opportunities — are what Ramey and others here are hoping will be the next chapter in the region’s history.

Norton City Manager Fred Ramey poses at Flag Rock Recreation Area.

The first chapter was coal.

Norton was named in the 1890s after the president of the Louisville and Nashville Railroad. The community of about 4,000 sits in Wise County, which borders eastern Kentucky. Coal has been mined in these mountains for more than 140 years.

But since 2008, coal production has fallen by about 50 percent in Virginia. The trends look similar across …

Norton Waives ER, Telehealth Fees During Shutdown For Furloughed Federal Employees

As the federal government shutdown drags into its fifth week, Norton Healthcare is waiving co-pays and deductibles for federal employees who still haven’t received a paycheck. The waived fees apply in Norton emergency rooms, immediate care centers and with virtual telehealth visits.

The move comes as health care providers nationwide, including in Michigan, New York and New Jersey, are also waiving these fees. Norton System Chief Medical Officer Steven Hester said there are many families affected by the shutdown.

“One of the things at this time of the year, obviously flu season is heavy and other illnesses, and we want to make sure that families aren’t wondering how they’re going to receive their healthcare needs,” Hester said. “So we decided to waive co-pays and deductibles for emergency visits at our immediate care centers, our e-care video visits and our six area emergency departments for furloughed federal employees and their family members.”

The new policy will last until the shutdown ends and applies to 14 area Norton Immediate Care Centers, Norton eCare virtual visits and emergency departments at Norton Audubon Hospital, Norton Brownsboro Hospital, Norton Hospital, Norton Women’s & Children’s Hospital, Norton Children’s Hospital and Norton Children’s Medical Center.…