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Report Ranks Ohio Valley High In Childhood Obesity Amid Cuts In SNAP Benefits 

A report released Thursday by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation finds nearly 323,000 children are obese in Kentucky, West Virginia, and Ohio. Obesity rates among the region’s children remain some of the highest in the nation.

West Virginia has the nation’s second-highest rate of obese children, Kentucky third, and Ohio tenth.

Mississippi has the highest rates of children with obesity, 24.5 percent. Utah has the lowest rate at 8.7 percent. The national average is 15.3 percent.

Across the country, Black and Hispanic children are more likely to be obese than their Asian and White peers.  

Calling the rate of childhood obesity an epidemic, the report points out that obese children are at risk for health issues such as diabetes, heart disease and certain types of cancer. The authors warn that the loss of food assistance could make the problem worse.

The report recommends that recent federal restrictions on SNAP benefits be rescinded. The report shows SNAP, or the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, serves nearly a third of all American children under the age of four.

Under current federal guidelines, millions could lose SNAP benefits reducing the access to healthy food, the report said.   

Wave Of Restrictions

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