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More Louisville Catholic School Alums Allege Abuse By Coach

In the summer of 1992, a 13-year-old boy confided to his mother that Drew Conliffe, his former basketball coach, had sexually abused him four times during the past month.

The mother called police. The boy’s father cussed out Conliffe. And he shared the basics of his son’s story with a couple of other members of the athletics booster club at Our Lady of Lourdes School, where Conliffe, then 25, coached, and where the boy was about to begin eighth grade.

His mother said police expressed no interest in the case. The booster club quietly dismissed Conliffe from Lourdes, but apparently took no other action. And the boy didn’t want to tell others, fearing that he would be stigmatized if word of the abuse spread.

In October 1992, Conliffe wrote a letter of regret to the boy’s father, although he never said precisely what he was apologizing for.

“One of my biggest faults as a person is that I sometimes carry things too far with people, and I certainly did that with (your son),” the letter said.

“For that, I am sorry and I hope someday you and (your wife) can respect me as a person because I know I have …