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Officials Consider Some Changes To Ease Westport Road Traffic

It’s 3:30 on a Monday afternoon and traffic on Westport Road isn’t heavy yet. But it is fast. And loud.

Standing in a shopping center whose parking lot has four different entrances, District 7 councilwoman Paula McCraney said the road isn’t as big as it seems. It’s the site of many crashes, especially rear-endings.

“The street is not that wide,” she said. “It’s two lanes on each side and there is a center aisle on most of Westport Road and it’s challenging at best.”

That’s why local officials hope the busy corridor could be getting a few updates to address traffic and safety concerns. They’re soliciting public feedback through meetings and an online survey, where they’re proposing improvements to six areas of concern. Those are based on a study of the road from Hubbards Lane to Chamberlain Lane.

McCraney says work could begin within two years, but first she needs to find funding. She hopes to get it from the state.

“We’ve been working with the state Transportation Cabinet, so they are aware of the needs” she said. “They helped with the study. So it’s just a matter of getting in line for the funding.”

District 7 councilwoman Paula

Meet The New Council Members: Paula McCraney Of District 7

Boutique owner Paula McCraney is returning to public service this week as the new Metro Council member for District 7. She was elected in November to represent the area that includes St. Matthews and Indian Hills, and formerly worked in the county clerk’s office.

Hers was one of two Metro Council districts to flip from Republican to Democrat in the last election. McCraney now holds the seat vacated by Angela Leet, who unsuccessfully ran for mayor in 2018. You can listen to our conversation in the player above.

What are going to be some of your spending and legislative priorities during your term?

Keeping the neighborhood safe, that is going to be top priority. If anyone wants more community policing, I will work with police department to make that happen. Traffic, because that’s the majority of what I heard while I was running for office, it’s going to be right up there.

As a small business owner, how would you rate Louisville’s economic and business climate?

We’re pretty good at promoting the businesses here and it’s not hard to get noticed. What I would like to see more of is some tax breaks. You know, it’s really hard for …