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I Have To Share The SEO Love In Oahu I am happy to be working with a repected tour site a site that blends history, patriotism and tours in Hawaii’s Pearl Harbor. Principally I am concerned with increasing the ever important backlinks to propel the site to the top of Google page rankings.

Backlinks are where unrelated sites link to another, giving it relevancy in Google’s eyes. They are like votes of confidence. Keywords have lost their stature in SEO because too often sites capitalized on the over use of a keyword mkaing the content poor for users and only good for search results.

Miserable Failure

Remember when searching Google for “miserable failure” took you to the White House Bio of George Bush? Thats where a backlink campaign associated the term miserable failure to President’s page. Now those days are gone but you can still see the rationale in backlinks defining the anchor text. If hundreds of site linked to your page and in the text of the link they said “Horrible web design” Google would wonder why all of these random sites consider yours so bad.

If you plan to visit Hawaii or know someone who is do check out the tours and feel …