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CirqueLouis Takes The Stage At The Kentucky Center This Weekend

Louisville has a breadth of artistic experiences which is really remarkable for a city of its size. In recent years the explosion of interest in circus-focused performance art has added to the city’s diversity of artistic expression.

Turner’s on River Road, of course, has existed for decades and many youth have enjoyed its programming. And the Shriners’ circus has come through town as well. But the inception of CirqueLouis just three years ago has raised the visibility of circus in our community. From classes to performances to socially-conscious programs, CirqueLouis is expanding the way we perceive ‘circus.’

Laura Shahan with CirqueLouis

Abbie Springer and Lynley Elliott are co-founders of CirqueLouis. Elliott has a long history with Turners, and she and Springer met a couple of decades ago when they were cheering at the University of Louisville. As is often the case in Louisville, their paths crossed again a few years ago through their children’s interest in acrobatics. The confluence of their shared history and interests, the Turner’s connection, and an increasing awareness of circus as performance art led to the two of them forming CirqueLouis in 2015.

Jordan Clark, who grew up in Louisville, knew he was interested in circus …