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Protected: Somebodys Watching Me

Visit Protected: Somebodys Watching Me for the whole story
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Matthew Leffler of Ultimate SEO.…

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The Top Digital Agencies Of 2020

The Top Digital Agencies Of 2020, According to DesignRush

Reposted From Yahoo Finance

DesignRush ranked the top digital agencies of 2020 that help brands to achieve growth online using expertise in branding, design, technology, marketing and global industries.

NEW YORK, June 4, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — The best full-service digital agencies combine a group of experts from all areas of branding, design, technology, marketing and global industries.

DesignRush, a B2B marketplace connecting brands with agencies, identified the leading agencies in 2020 that provide an array of digital services to help brands grow and succeed through online channels.

The top digital agencies of 2020 are:

1. Appetite Creative

Appetite Creative Solutions is a creative technology agency that aims to create tech agnostic and unique solutions for clients. They have worked with global clients and have a global vision. Appetite Creative’s team has diverse experience and a shared drive for quality and creativity.

2. Athena Media Singapore

Athena Media Singapore is a digital marketing agency focused on building unique design and marketing strategies. They help clients enter the digital world with a brand identity which draws attention and establishes an online presence that maximizes success.

3. Comrade Web Agency

Comrade Web Agency …

SEO Research – Easy Smart Searches Using Google Operators

Searching is a lot more complex than typing a word and shifting through results.  Using Google Search Operators, predefined instructions that focus the results anyone can gain insights into Google’s thoughts.

SEO Research: Getting To What Google Really Knows

SEO Research often begins and ends with one randomly found site’s auto audit. There are hundreds of sites that will tell you the character count of this field and that.  These are all good and well but they aren’t intelligent and offer a glimpse of how that tool sees your site, not Google.  In the end do you want to get an A grade by a random SEO tool or do you want to rank higher on Google?  These are not the same goals often.

Using Google Search Operators you can extract a focused image of your site.  Here’s a fast example, how many pages has Google indexed from your site?  You may have 100 blog posts but thats not the answer here.  You can setup and use Google Search Console, and you should, but a quick way to answer this in the moment is:


Site: Google Search Operator

Site: Google Search Operator

Above we can easily see that Google has indexed 2,650 pages of  Thats …

Ultimate SEO Guide – DIYers From Beginners To Experts

Introduction To The Ultimate SEO Guide

There are a lot of ultimate SEO guides out there but I feel this is the only Ultimate SEO Guide.  Over the past several years we’ve added over 175 articles to this site.  Thats a lot of content and unlike many other sites out there this content is fresh.  The oldest information we will be giving out here is from 2018 or newer.  That means this is likely the most relevant and up to date guide of all the other ones.

You want the sweet spot in SEO agencies.  Too new and there isn’t much to gain in insight from them as they are just learning themselves.  Too old and the least relevant more biased the information is … in SEO anything over four years needs to be scrutinized.  You’re not likely looking for.a historical account of how things used to be, too often thats just what you’ll get.

The SEO Tips And Tricks From A To Z

What Is A Domain Worth? Buying An Aftermarket Domain.

Buying a domain that is already registered is a complex process, but that centers around a simple fact.  A domain’s value is equal to the amount someone is willing to pay for it.  Its not what a seller is willing to sell it at, cause I can tell you I’ll sell “” for a billion dollars but it isn’t worth that until someone will pay that.

Determining A Domains Value

There are a lot of factors that come into play.  Here are some:

  • The length
  • The TLD ( is it a .com or a .wtf )
  • The Traffic It Gets
  • The SEO Value It Hold
  • How many sites link to it?
  • How many keywords does it rank for?
  • The perceived authority of the domain…
  • The Search Volume
  • Its ranking position for the keyword it represents ie ( ultimate seo … who ranks for that term )
  • Its history
  • How its being used presently
  • Who owns similar names … if the .org .net for instance are not registered then the .com isn’t as valuable. This speaks toward how many potential buyers there are for the domain.
  • Ultimate SEO LLC has as well as but has eluded me and …

    Video: Free Auto Post To Social Media From WordPress Using IFTTT Alternative

     Post to WordPress and be done with it. Using IFTTT you can setup applets to then auto post for you to Social Media.  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogger, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr and more all for free all from IFTTT’s servers.  I show you how in this quick and easy self help video.  So take back your time and save some money instead of paying services like

    [embedded content]

    [embedded content]

    Got any questions or requests?  Feel free to let me know in the comments, or tweet them too me @UltimateSEO3…

    Somebodys Watching Me

    Same video as above if the one above isn’t viewable.

    [embedded content]

    [embedded content]

    A spy has a job, a stalker is dangerous and surveilling is what law enforcement does … my neighbors not a spy or a cop.

    From “Somebody Is Watching Me”

  • Neighbors are also quite common among stalkers. After all, the closer people live, the more opportunity there is to both rile the emotions and maintain constant surveillance. You may have caught their attention or incurred their wrath in some way and now, the boundary between you and them is being breached.
  • Whatever category your stalker comes under, they all share some commonalities:

  • They are convinced that they are in the right, that they deserve to watch you or that you belong to them in some way.
  • They have no idea—or don’t care—what effect their behavior has on you.
  • They are able to rationalize their actions to any degree. In fact, they don’t think they are doing anything wrong or out of the ordinary.
  • Signs Your Neighbor Is Spying On You

  • They know things about you that they shouldn’t know. … CHECK, HE KNEW THE LAST NAME OF PEOPLE HES NOT BEEN INTRODUCED TOO HERE.
  • You suspect
  • Top Content Marketing Agencies Named

    The Top Content Marketing Agencies, According to Digital Marketing Agency Rating Platform

     Originally Published At Yahoo Finance
    PR Newswire PR Newswire April 22, 2020
    Content marketing generates three times (3x) more leads per dollar than paid search advertising. determined the top agencies that develop content marketing strategies and materials to help brands increase their leads.

    NEW YORK, April 22, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Content marketing generates three times (3x) more leads per dollar than paid search advertising., a B2B marketplace connecting brands with digital marketing experts, identified the best agencies who help brands create unique content marketing strategies that aid lead generation and conversion.

    The top content marketing agencies are:

    1. 256

    256 is a Dublin-based strategic content marketing agency. They create engaging content across print, digital and social channels to help clients define and deliver their marketing objectives. Their team is made up of experienced journalists and award-winning writers and designers.

    2. Magnificent Marketing

    Magnificent Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency with a specialization in content marketing, video marketing, social media marketing & advertising and SEO. They help companies with full marketing plans and also help fill in any gap clients need help with.

    3. …

    Advanced Cloudflare SEO On WordPress

    There are countless guides that will walk anyone through creating a Cloudflare account, installing the plugin and completing the setup on WordPress. This isn’t one of those guides. This is whats next … what to avoid and how to mitigate common issues.

    General Cloudflare WordPress Troubleshooting

    This goes for almost any issue…the first steps to solving a problem.

    First … clear the cache of all files … if this does not resolve your issue turn on Development mode.  This completely bypasses the cache.  To ensure the firewall or page rules aren’t the source of your issue you may want to temporarily, completely turn off Cloudflare by unselecting the orange cloud in your site DNS records.  If the cloud is grey and the issue continues its not Cloudflare.  Remember to click the grey cloud turning Cloudflare back on … indicated by an orange cloud.

    If your site has an issue and its not Cloudflare it can very easily be another cache.  I have a css js combining plugin that creates cached css js files that then are feed to Cloudflare who caches them.  Clearing Cloudflare cache doesn’t clear the plugins, so check those as well.

    Cloudflare And WordPress Common Issues

  • ERR
  • SBA PPP Loan – Getting Past The Application Is A Challenge

    PPP Update
    Since posting I received an email from / Paypal’s SBA PPP Loan program. Due to processing limits at the SBA they expect it to take about 7 days before their applications are all transmitted. That doesn’t mean approved or funded … thats transmitted. I suppose this is an attempt to make it appear as if the funds lasted longer?

    That is really the best visual.  The PPP loan program has proven again to resemble a child’s pinata, where you are blindfolded, and on roller skates.  Funds are back on but this first day of the second round doesn’t seem to have changed anything but the alarming rate of bad news.  Funds were projected to be out in 2 days.

    What PPP Has Been Like For This Small Business

    Its been like, nothing.  I don’t mean nothing compares, thats not true.  I have plenty of comparisons.  Ever been bullied as a kid and ignored by an adult?  A friend of mine once went to an anti-KKK rally with me and we got split up, somehow he found himself on the pro-KKK side.  Asking for directions from dismissive police, surrounded by the KKK, when I found him he was …

    301 Redirects Of Expired Domains – What SEOs Don’t Tell Ya

    Wouldn’t it be so much easier to just buy a site that similar to yours and redirect all their backlinks to yourself … you might try point them to relevant content or simply to your homepage.  I do that.  I’ve lead clients to try it with great results.  But it seems back ops and the more prolific SEO channels out there generally ignore redirecting or they discourage it.

    Consider Yoast … they are hands down number one in SEO page optimization on a WordPress site.  There blog then largely is widely accepted and they have said relatively nothing on the matter … but would it surprise you to learn they actually do it themselves?  Something they do but they’ve never made a blog post about it.

    Heres a video I made where I show others redirecting backlinks from now functionally defunct sites to their homepage.

    [embedded content]

    [embedded content]

    Now what?  Well so now you need to learn what sites to register and to redirect.  This involves a minor audit of the site first.  But thats another video.

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    Building A Custom CDN With DigitalOcean –

    Ultimate SEO is all for trying things and testing out options.  While we’ve used JetPack we’ve settled on Cloudflare over a year ago as our preferred CDN provider.  Ultimate SEO is a Cloudflare Certified Partner and we offer SEO Hosting packages through our Ultimate SEO Network which uses for all infrastructure.

    Building a custom CDN though we registered which we’ll use in this experiment.

    Speed And Mobile Search Results

    In previous articles we’ve discussed the importance of speed.  Two client articles addressed this: Sex, Speed And The SEO Migration of Romantic Depot to WordPress and Optimizing For Site Speed: Page Load To SEO Cloud Server Infrastructure.

    We have also shown how less established, less well known, less trusted sites can out rank household brands by just being faster in Can Page Speed Alone Make A Difference In Google Ranking? Yes, it even beats Domain Authority.

    With mobile searches number now over 50% of all searches speed is a premium means to rank up among content.  Every time this site loads in the 2 second range we gain momentum and every time I find myself dropping in the rankings I realize I forgot to turn on our CDN.…

    Google Search Console Intro Video – How To Add A Site

    [embedded content]

    [embedded content]

    Google Search Console Intro:

    It isn’t Google Analytics but it is essential to your SEO efforts and you should use this powerful free tool.  In this video we briefly look at Google Search Console and I walk you through adding a site and verifying it using DNS records.

    Part 1 of our Search Console Videos

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    CTR, Impressions And Search Position Improves Web Traffic – Google Search Console Video

    [embedded content]

    [embedded content]

    Gain More Traffic With Existing Content:

    GSC provides existing sites a handy list of pages that need new, better titles ands descriptions.  This video walks you through identifying pages that need new titles in order to rank better on Google.

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    How To Apply For Unemployment – Help Self Employed During Coronavirus

    Normally you might not qualify for unemployment, but this isn’t normally.  Self employed, contractors, Uber Drivers and servers normally do not earn unemployment benefits but you should apply!

    You may not get the state benefits but you could qualify for federal benefits of $600 a week.  You don’t know unless you apply.

    This is a video where, Matthew Leffler of Ultimate SEO walks you through the application of Kentucky question by question.

    Video: How To Apply For Unemployment During Coronavirus

    [embedded content]

    [embedded content]

    Many States Have Extended Coverage And The Federal Government Is Offering An Additional $600 A Week.

    It isn’t your fault the state is in lock down.  This pandemic is affecting all kinds of industries.  Even in SEO / Web Design there are many less projects because people are less interested in expanding their site’s visibility than ensuring they remain in business.

    That has created a huge drain on incomes, nearly 25% of all workers are now nontraditional and that is a huge need.

    It is better to extend benefits to everyone than to have one in four out seeking worker in a pandemic.  So thats why you should apply for unemployment.

    In Kentucky you may qualify …

    Another Year As A Top Rated Upwork SEO

    Top Rated

    Top Rated

    Happy anniversary, Matthew!

    You’ve maintained your Top Rated status for another full year!

    We created the Top Rated program to support the best talent on Upwork. Less than 10% of our community has earned this distinction, and even fewer maintain the high quality and standards for as long as you have.

    I want to personally thank you for all the great work you do to help make Upwork a vibrant community.

    Wishing you continued success,

    Hayden Brown
    CEO, Upwork

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    Political SEO Case Study: Louisville Metro Council Website

    Highlands Campaign Site

    A site that I was lucky to work on during this 2020 election was that of Shawn Reilly, a candidate for Louisville Metro Council District 8.   The site is aesthetically pleasing, the candidate picked out a good template for that.  The template does incorporate some oddities in its coding and utilizes a page builder that was new to me.  Elementor remains my go to favorite page builder and is widely used, this template uses Bold Builder which reminds me a little bit of King or WP Page Bakery.

    The page builder can be unintuitive and clunky at times requiring creative fixes and CSS hacks.  Ultimately though I’d say the page builder is neither an asset or a liability for this theme. wasn’t my preferred domain name, I prefer the candidate’s name but I joined the effort after the initial decisions were made, including the web host.

    The COVID-19 pandemic has had an effect on the election.  The way it is carried out and the date have had to adapt.  The candidate created a smart section to the site about this new factor in the election.  A Coronavirus resource page for Louisville called Highlands Strong …