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Report: Kentucky’s Voter Registration System Vulnerable To Hackers

Kentucky’s voter registration system is running software that could be exploited by hackers, according to a new report by ProPublica.

But Kentucky’s top elections official, Secretary of State Allison Lundergan Grimes, says the system “has been and is secure.”

The state’s voter registration system includes a file-sharing software called FTP that allows public access to information. ProPublica’s reporting says that the service can act as a gateway for hackers to acquire key details that allow them to exploit a server’s vulnerabilities.

In a statement, Grimes’ spokesman Bradford Queen said the report “highlights a concern every state has with election security,” but said the system’s FTP service is secure.

“ProPublica’s report attempts to paint a negative picture, the State Board of Elections team has worked with its security partners, including the Commonwealth Office of Technology, to further investigate these claims,” Queen wrote.

“According to that team, the FTP service in question in ProPublica’s report has always been firewalled from the voter registration system, so no voter data is at risk. Based on assurances from State Board of Elections staff and its security partners, the State Board of Elections affirms that Kentuckians’ election data has been and is secure.”

ProPublica says …