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Supporters Of Sean Delahanty New Site

Supporters can now interact in discussion forums and help the campaign at

The campaign is pleased to launch a site where Louisville voters can discuss the election and offer suggestions on topics for new videos by Judge Delahanty

Sean Delahanty New Logos And Apparel

jcta endorsement

Better Schools Kentucky (BSK) which represents JCTA the Jefferson County Public Schools (JCPS) collective bargaining organization that represents Louisville’s public school teachers and educators.

CFair endorsed Delahanty

CFair the political organization of the Louisville Fairness organization which  promotes equality and human rights for …

New Election FAQs and Youtube Videos

New Election FAQs and Youtube Videos – Re-Elect Judge Sean Delahanty <!--[if lt IE 8]> < ![endif]-->

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We’ve added to the site two important content sections which will continue to expand till the election.  Louisville

Campaign Sites Launching

Campaign Sites Launching – Re-Elect Judge Sean Delahanty <!--[if lt IE 8]> < ![endif]-->

100 Days Until The Election

While it may seem that we’re just getting into summer, November 6 is 100 days away. With school starting and the holidays approaching don’t forget to prepare for the election by reviewing the candidates.  While there are no national offices …