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Trump has us fighting for coronavirus supplies in a battle Kentucky can’t win

We’re two months into this hellish nightmare of a pandemic and we still don’t have what we need to slow it or stop it. In the process, we’ve turned into some terrible rewrite of the “Lord of the Flies” in which we’re fighting our fellow Americans to stay alive, begging for the largess of our leaders and ready to roll a boulder onto the next state that tries to buy the gowns or masks or ventilators we need desperately. Once the tests were developed, Trump dithered and dithered and has refused to use the Defense Production Act to order manufacturers to make the testing kits and the personal protective gear medical professionals needed to administer the tests and treat the sick. He still hasn’t issued such an order. Instituting the act essentially means a temporary takeover of industry and Trump has not done what he needs to do because, well, socialism. We’re so caught up in our fear of the “S-word” that we’re willing to let people die.